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Roaman is an international singer-songwriter and ‘artivist’ from Rome, Italy who weaves an uplifting blend of folk, reggae, hip hop and music medicine with soulful and thought-provoking lyrics to amplify joy and truth as a global catalyst for positive change

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Roaman discovered his passion for music only in the summer of 2008, when at the age of 19 he borrowed a friend’s old classical guitar and began teaching himself how to play a few chords watching videos on Youtube. It was immediately clear he had found his new calling. Despite a late start in music compared to many fellow musicians, Roaman completely devoted himself to learning and refining his craft, and within 4 years, with only £300 in his pocket and the promise of a friend’s couch to crash on, Roaman moved to London to begin a new musical journey.

It is in the streets of London’s iconic Camden Town that the now “roaming roman” was initiated to street-performing, or “busking”, something that allowed him not only to practice every day, but also to share his music with wider audiences and connect with people in a genuine and spontaneous way. Amplifying joy and bringing people together remain at the core of Roaman’s musical mission statement, and over the years busking has been one of the pillars of his career: from street-performing in his beloved Camden Town, to enchanting crowds of hundreds in the magical neighbourhood of Trastevere in his hometown Rome, to impromptu shows in some of America's most beautiful cities.

Disillusioned with the way of life and values promoted by our Western culture, Roaman has devoted the last decade to personal studies in philosophy, theology, mindfulness and well- being, integrating yogic practices, eastern mysticism, native wisdom, and the teachings of many beloved teachers into his personal lifestyle and, consequently, in his music and lyrics.


The call for a more holistic, kind and conscious approach to the way we treat ourselves, relate to each other and our Planet is the underlying constant in all of Roaman’s music. This is especially evident in Roaman’s latest album “People of the Sun” (2019) and in his second EP “Free at Last” (2016), two collections of "anthemic" songs inviting the listener on a joyful journey back to what matters most.


After traveling across the U.S.A. and touring California extensively between 2017 and 2019 to promote his studio album “People of the Sun”, in 2022 Roaman joined forces with his dear friend and fellow singer-songwriter Sam Garrett on their "Stay Open To Life" Tour across Costa Rica, where Roaman has been based since 2021.

Parallel to his original uplifting tunes Roaman also writes and shares gentle instrumental music, mantras and soothing medicine songs to support retreats, yoga classes, meditation groups, and breath-work workshops.

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