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Roaman is a singer-songwriter,

"artivist" and storyteller from Italy weaving uplifting, soulful melodies & conscious, heart-opening lyricism to amplify joy & truth as a global catalyst for positive change.

Rooted in folk and reggae, with influences that range from gospel and medicine music to hip hop, Roaman has been "making the revolution irresistible" and inspiring international audiences with his signature, uplifting original music, infectious rhythms and conscious lyricism since 2013.

Popular songs


Truly excited to finally be able to say
Younger Now Cover.jpg
Download my debut EP _Younger Now_ on CD
Because I'm Spiritual SINGLE COVER FINAL_edited.jpg
I Won't Comply EP COVER.jpeg


  • Top 10 Finalist Worldwide for Shure's "Off The Beaten Track" online competition for singer-songwriters

  • Performed in London with American singer-songwriter Michael Franti as the winner of the "SoulRocker Euro Tour Contest" for UK based songwriters

  • U.S.A. & California Tours with @sofarsounds

  • "Stay Open To Life" Costa Rica Tour with Sam Garrett

  • Played on the main stage of Medicine Festival, one of England's most popular conscious festivals

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5M+ views

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1.5M+ streams

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300k+ views

Press Photos

Technical Requirements

  • ``DI input for electro-acoustic guitar

  • Guitar cable 

  • Vocal microphone

  • Microphone stand

  • XLR microphone cable

  • Mixer/vocal setup with reverb

  • Stage monitor

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