Roaman's musical journey began with an old guitar on the streets of Camden Town in London, where the Italian singer-songwriter lived, performed, found his voice and met his Tribe between 2013 and 2016. From busking in his beloved Camden, to enchanting crowds of hundreds in the squares of his hometown Rome, the road to refining his craft and developing his uplifting style has taken the "roaming roman" through cafes, squats, boats, islands, cross country road trips, unusual music venues, house concerts and festival stages of all sizes across two continents.


From acoustic folk to reggae, drawing inspiration from gospel and hip hop, Roaman weaves an eclectic and unpredictable tapestry of memorable melodies and inspiring, thought-provoking lyrics with a clear intention in mind: uplift the spirit, shake the collective conscience, and remind us that: “everyone is family and everywhere is home”. 

After spending his most musically and personally formative years  between London, Italy and the Canary Islands with dear friends and collective of singer-songwriters The Lyrical Nomads, Roaman has spent the last 3 years with a foot in Europe and one in the United States, touring independently from Chicago to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, to promote his newest album "People of the Sun", his third project following the first two EPs "Free at Last" and "Younger Now".


The first half of 2019 saw Roaman planting musical seeds in California, busking on the Hollywood Blvd, writing new material and finding inspiration on the endless beaches of Venice and Santa Monica, and traveling up and down the sunny coast in his van for his most recent independent tour hosted by Sofar Sounds.


Roaman now prepares to open a new chapter in Europe, ready to let his roots grow deeper in the place where it all started, looking forward to reconnect with his musical family in London and excited to spread more uplifting music and heart-opening lyrics to inspire positive inner and outer change.